Anthracnose Treatment

What is Cause of Anthracnose in trees?

Anthracnose diseases are closely associated fungal diseases that spread quickly through damp or windy weather conditions. Anthracnose is rarely fatal and does not cause long-term damage. However, it causes unsightly symptoms to trees and leaves them vulnerable to other diseases and pests. Flower Mound has a variety of leaf-shedding species, which are well-known to an experienced tree company. These include oak and maple, maple dogwood, sycamore, sycamore, sycamore, walnut, and sometimes hickory.

Anthracnose fungal may be visible in the following: wounds on tree trunks, reduced growth, premature leaf shedding and numerous other leaf defects and discolorations. The appearance of black leaves shortly after winter months may be mistaken for frostbite by an untrained individual. However, a Flower Mound-certified Arborist is highly skilled and capable of correctly assessing the stage and severity.

Anthracnose Disease - A Closer Look

Flower Mound’s Tree Service & Stump Grinding experienced arborist should be called if a tree looks thinned, appears to have questionable health, and/or is showing signs that could indicate anthracnose. Leaf spots, blotches, irregularities, and dots can vary depending on the tree variety. Therefore, only an experienced arbor care professional is qualified for the correct diagnosis. Anthracnose cannot usually be treated in the current year if the disease is already advanced or a tree is showing signs of infection. To prevent further spread of the disease, it is important to remove dead leaves and branches. As excessive moisture can encourage the rapid spread and growth of the fungi, sprinklers that are above ground should be abandoned. Flower Mound tree services will conduct diagnostic testing to determine the appropriate treatment and start date.

The Right Way to Treat Anthracnose fungus Disease

Pruning in winter is an effective way to improve circulation and to stimulate the health of your tree. You must also remove any damaged branches to avoid spreading anthracnose. You can be sure that the proper pruning steps are taken by calling a Flower Mound TX tree trimming service. Unless a tree is suffering from significant thinning, or loss of leaves, chemical treatments may not be required. Anthracnose is not eliminated by fungicides, but they are used to preserve healthy trees and limbs. Flower Mound Arborists are essential in determining the right type of fungicide to use and the best times for chemical application. The severity of the disease, damage, and season can all impact the timing of chemical applications. Flower Mound tree service professionals should professionally apply chemicals to large trees. Large trees will require high-power spraying to ensure coverage. The arbor care professional will inspect, diagnose, then develop a tailored care plan to restore the tree to a healthy, beautiful condition.

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